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Ana Katamura's

First Time


Art direction for a short film written 
and directed by Mauro Paz


Art direction


Mauro Paz



Big cities have caged people into small apartments. far away from their homelands, from their relatives and from their histories, the dwellers of cities like São Paulo collect desires, fears, dreams and passions inside their compact urban survival pods.

Moved by passion, Ana takes the challenge of facing the ruthlessness of the gray city. 

The art direction on this film opposes ana (delicate, warm, soft) and a rough, cold urban jungle.

The poster was one of the most special parts fo the work. Ana's universe is vast, full of possibilities.
I've experimented with photography, illustration, mixed techniques. In the end, the director the one that, in his opinion, would be more appealing for people to get to know the story better. 

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