Re-branding for a platform that develops shared mobility 
solutions to transform positively the relationship between people and cities.


Brand identity, graphic design





The challenge 

Transforming the visual identity of a brand that, although recently born, had already been though important transformations. Yellow had just expanded their area of activity, adding scooter sharing and payment methods to their bike sharing system.

The solution 

We have passed by many graphic routes and in the end we chose to turn the previous bike icon into a letter Y, a more versatile symbol that congregates all their services. For the color palette we have also opted for a warmer, more friendly shade of yellow.

The icon

The choice for the icon has started with Yellow's Y. 
Here we could bring together the typographic work to the symbology of many paths the become one. The icon's curves, together with its slight inclination express movement and make it more dynamic.


Gotham Rounded was the chosen typeface 
due to its readability, versatility, besides the fun 
and relaxed tone we were looking for.


Be uncomplicated. Be accessible. 
Be practical. Be urban. Be light. Be cool.

The brand communication follow these 6 essential rules, which are the basis of its discourse. nothing can be complex or confuse, so we came up with images and texts with high contrast, strong colors and a simplified grid.

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